For Max, tattooing is above all a passion and only after that, a job.

With over 30 years of experience in the tattoo profession, Max makes the most of his artistic skills by creating one-off custom designs; discussing each customer's thoughts and ideas and moulding them into the perfect tattoo. Max's reputation for attention to detail, and perfecting designs to compliment both a client's request and their body-shape has afforded him a large customer base, the majority of whom return time and again to have their work extended. As well as specialising in portraiture and crisp-lined freehand tribal work, over the last few years Max has worked alongside Nimanoa design, who create unique Polynesian tattoos with deep meaning.

Notably, in 2008 Max's 24-hour tattoo marathon, which supported Tattoos for Troops, raised more than £3,000 for war veterans. Max, a former member of the Armed Forces, single-handedly ‘inked’ about 300 people with his specially designed poppy tattoo. To this day, serving men and women still come in and ask for the poppy!

Don't forget to check out the Video section to see Max's freehand skills in action!


Words courtesy of Nimanoa

Polynesian at Our Studio

Emma, of Nimanoa Design, creates unique Polynesian hand drawn tattoos that tell a story upon your skin, using a strong knowledge of Polynesian culture, history, mythology and creative design.

There are important things to consider as a non-Polynesian when choosing to have this kind of work done, and the historical, tribal and sacred implications must be taken into account so as not to offend tribal heritage in any way.
If you choose to have your design with Nimanoa & Max, you choose to invest in a respectful design drawn specifically for you, that can tell the story of your life, your achievements, aspirations and ideals; the story of who you are. Please be aware that as all designs are hand drawn the process can take some time.
Polynesian design enquiries will be forwarded to Emma of Nimanoa for consultation.The consultation and design process for clients who live any distance away may be completed via email if needed.

Other Work

Cover Ups

One of Max's specialities is cover-ups and repairs of old or unwanted tattoos and even scars; and one of the most common opening lines we hear from people as they walk into our studio is 'I've been everywhere and they've all said it can't be done but...' ...they thought they'd ask one last time.

Almost 100% of the time, the answer is yes, of course it can be done!

There are a few things about cover ups that we think should be expressed to our customers before they venture down this road. Firstly, once you have had your old tattoo covered up, it is unlikely that the design, or the skin, will be able to take another full cover, so please be very sure of what you want on you this time. Secondly, cover-ups take longer to tattoo than having a tattoo on fresh skin, so be prepared for longer, or more sittings, and a higher cost. Thirdly, it can be a little more painful to be tattooed over a current tattoo. Lastly, whilst it is possible to get very light designs over a heavier, darker tattoo, please be aware that generally the design you have to cover the old one will be slightly larger and darker in appearance.

It is important to note here that there is of course an alternative option - laser removal. It is our experience that this is does not come with guaranteed success, can be very costly, and with numerous sittings spread out over time to allow the skin to heal, it also takes a lot longer to achieve a good result. We do not undertake laser removal at our studio.

We encourage anyone seeking advice to come and see us in person. Due to the nature of the work, this is unfortunately a process that is very limited for discussion via email or phone, we do need to see your current tattoo in the flesh!

Our Work We believe the best opinions are your own, after seeing what Max can do. So please do take a look at our portfolio, where you can see some examples of before & after.


Max is a very skilled portrait artist, able to 'copy' a photograph onto a client's skin in fine detail. Using his extensive knowledge of perspective, shading and anatomical construction he can achieve and outstanding result. Max does not only do this for tattooing, he also creates on paper by commission. Please note: We do not upload photos of portraits as they are quite personal to the wearer. Portrait examples may be seen in studio only.

Retro, Japanese & Other Styles

With many years of skilled tattooing in his pocket, Max is able to take on all styles of tattoo with ease. From the geometric shapes of blackwork and curvy colourful Retro, right through to flowing Japanese vistas; we can offer you the same great service and results on your custom work with us.

Our Studio

Max's Tattoo Studio is a small independent studio, who cater to the custom tattoo market. We only take one client per day, thereby offering our complete attention. There is free parking nearby, a cafe and a few local convenience shops if needed; and we are not far from the local train station & bus route. Most of our clients' appointments are long sittings, therefore we offer free tea & coffee, and toilet facilities.

We use only the highest quality inks, and disposable single-use consumables. We follow strict cleaning processes every day for the tattoo equipment, studio furniture, and the studio itself. We only use single-use, sterilised needles; and all clients are shown the sealed needles to be used on you before work begins.

At our studio, we prefer a more relaxed atmosphere; if a client needs to stop for a break, stretch their legs, take a phone-call etc, we are happy to accommodate them. If a client would like to bring a book to read, or mp3 player to listen to etc, we are quite happy with this. We do allow you to bring a friend to accompany you, however we ask you to limit that to one person for space reasons.

You are more than welcome to view the studio before deciding to come to us for your tattoo.

The studio runs an appointment system for tattoo sittings, and we are happy to advise you on any aspect of your tattoo and after-care. Should you wish to discuss your ideas with us, feel free to just drop us an email or phone-call. Opening times vary.

Booking deposits: A £100 deposit for 5-6 hour bookings and £50 deposit for bookings 4 hours or less will be required for every booking; this is redeemable against the total cost on the day of your sitting. Deposits are non-refundable to clients cancelling with less than 7 days notice or re-scheduling less than 48 hours prior to appointment. Appointments that we have to cancel or reschedule will be offered a choice of refund or carry-over of deposit to an alternative booking. Deposits go towards the artist's loss of earnings if they are unable to re-book an appointment slot.

Our Policies

In line with local and national guidelines for tattoo studios, we have policies and paperwork applicable to the industry.
Before your visit, please click if you wish to read our Data Protection Policy, or our Consent Policy.
If you have not had a tattoo before and are unsure of possible allergies to the tattoo inks we use, we are happy to provide you with a copy of the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for each ink. The MSDS lists contents and known hazards. If you have very sensitive skin, we would suggest a very small dot test on your skin to check for reaction before you commit to a full design. We are happy to do this for booked customers, by appointment.
All the tattoo inks used in our studio are Vegan friendly!



Cover Ups



Our latest video presentations; with thanks to our customers and all those who helped with the editing and final productions.

Freehand Polynesian on Dale by Max

More coming soon!



a: 342 High Street, Aldershot, Hampshire GU12 4LU
t: 01252 330027
e: | for all Polynesian, ethnic & tribal design enquiries
e: | for all other enquiries

Please note: Opening times are varied; we recommend calling before you travel if you wish to come in and see us!

Thank you!

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By Car

  • From the M3 take junction onto the A331 towards Farnborough & Aldershot.
  • Follow A331 and exit at: Ash/Tongham/Aldershot Military Town South.
  • Take 3rd exit at the roundabout A323 to Aldershot town centre.
  • Follow this road through traffic lights until you come to mini-roundabout.
  • Take a left at the mini-roundabout onto Church Hill.
  • Parking is easiest on this street as parking outside the studio is often full.
  • Walk back down the hill and turn left at the bottom, cross at the pedestrian crossing and turn left again towards the town centre; the studio is before the garage.

By Public Transport

Bus service numbers 3 (Yateley), 20 (Guildford), and 46 (Farnham) all serve the route past the studio. Ask for Manor Park; as you see the garage on the left-hand side, press the bell. The studio is situated just at this bus stop.


The studio is only a short 15-20 minute walk from Aldershot town centre, bus station, and train station. Follow the signs to Aldershot Town FC, when the FC is in front of you, turn right and keep walking down that road. You will see the garage on your left-hand side, walk past this, over the side-road and the studio is on the left in the next bank of housing.